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THE WOMBATS® A metaverse Music Experience

Combatting carbon emissions with digital assets and a gamified music experience


A series of unique generative avatars, mini-games, collectibles, and music experiences

Following the release of its fifth studio album “Fix Yourself Not The World,” we partnered with Indie rock band “The Wombats,” to launch a carbon-negative NFT experience with MOSS tokenized carbon credits.


  • Strategy, Design, Development, UX & QA


Create a generative voxel collection and optimize rig for metaverse use

The activation was spread among various platforms, games and media types. The challenge was for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together seamlessly into a fun and enticing experience, that put the band and its fans at the center.

Working with such nascent companies and concepts poses a unique breed of challenges, with criteria, rules, software and file types always changing, it is a big challenge to keep updating the content for it to work on new versions.


Explore, discover & enjoy

The first part of the initiative was the NFT drop. The collection consisted of 3,000 unique voxel avatars that were generated using a proprietary kit-bashing algorithm for 3d assets. And were paired with blockchain-based carbon credits (MCO2 tokens) upon mint.

Following the drop, a blockchain-based game called “The Wombat’s Cube”, a web3 trading game where players need to complete a band-focused questionnaire to receive a random pack of color cubes, these were used to complete a puzzle to unlock digital assets and experiences, giving token holders the opportunity to unlock a plethora of exclusive rewards.

Finally fans of the band were invited to participate in a custom band-focused gaming experience in the Sandbox metaverse, culminating in a virtual avatar concert.

The virtual venue was designed drawing inspiration from the legendary Brixton Academy in the U.K.


Innovation in fandom engagement leaving a positive impact

The band has made clear that the core of the initiative was not only carbon-neutral, but carbon negative. We worked closely with the band to identify the right blockchain native solution for clear and transparent offsets that could correlate 1-to-1 to our NFT collection.

The project leveraged carbon removal credits (in the form of MCO2 tokens) from the environmental blockchain platform, Moss, to offset over 1,500 tons of CO2. The project managed to effectively offset the NFT drop by more than 20 times over.


  • 1,500+ NFTs sold in less than 24 hours
  • 1,500+ tons of CO2 offset
  • 20+ min average time spent in the experience
  • 500k revenue generated