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The M.T.A.® NFT Collection

Pushing the boundaries of digital Fashion and metaverse wearables


The first programmatically generated wearable collection in the NFT space

A passion project that took us to unexpected territories, exploring digital fashion, digital identity and digital communities. We crafted a universe that rallied thousands of web3 enthusiasts to participate in a series of online scavenger hunts winning tens of thousands of dollars in rewards.


  • Strategy, Design, Development, UX & QA


Metaverse interoperability and community engagement

The process of designing and 3d modeling 100+ traits like vizors, mouthpieces, textures, antennas, took several months in development and multiple revisions. But one of the biggest challenges was curating the best assets for the collection among 20,000+ unique meta-helmets generated with our proprietary kitbashing algorithm.

Leading up to the mint, in an effort to bring the 16,000+ discord community members together in a challenge, and create a preliminary private sale, we devised an intricate online scavenger hunt that tied in the narrative of the story and rewarded those who accomplished it with a mint-pass, and the winner with a MAYC NFT worth over 50k.

Our ambitious goal of deploying thousands of wearable NFT into any metaverse platform was the biggest challenge of all, and was in most cases unfeasible in the current state of the metaverse.


Ideate, design, develop & deploy

The first part of the initiative was developing a compelling cyberpunk universe that revolved around the topic of decentralization, identity and the metaverse.

Next we conceived a unique digital wearable that could act as a digital identity, designing a multitude of different traits in the process to give our collection a distinctive look. But before the development phase, we needed to create a system for 3D generative media that would allow us to generate thousands of unique assets and optimize our workflow.

After generating the collection, we got into web experience design, where we introduced animated minting, and a unique feature (‘quantum machine’) that allowed holders to embed and display one of their existing NFTs (2D) in their meta-helmet, allowing users to personalize their assets ‘on-chain’.

The project launched with an interactive online scavenger hunt that took months to create, test and deploy. With clues hidden in smart contracts, google maps, images, websites, twitter messages, and complex ‘languages’ like rot13. The experience draw over 6k people from all across the globe to play and compete in an extremely difficult challenge.


Metaverse headquarters, linked wearables and augmented reality

We designed and deployed a token-gated three story cyberpunk venue that was built on 6 parcels of LAND in Decentraland to carry out community driven events and meet-ups with other fellow members in the community.

The MTA became the first collection to be approved for Decentraland’s linked wearable registry, gathering over 4M votes from MANA token holders. Over 5,000 meta-helmets were optimized (polygon and texture limitations) and deployed in the platform for all holders to be able to use their meta-helmets in-game.

To celebrate the project’s 1 year anniversary, we launched an IG filter featuring 4 carefully chosen meta-helmets for the community to explore wearing them in Augmented Reality and share in social.


  • 5,000+ NFTs sold in less than 24 hours
  • 15,0000+ discord community
  • 6,000+ people participated on scavenger hunts
  • 250k+ distributed in rewards
  • 1.3M+ revenue generated