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PEDIGREE® Fosterverse

A first-of-its-kind metaverse program to combat pet homelessness


Bringing the brand’s ambition to end pet homelessness to the
virtual world

Pedigree wanted to drive brand perception as a digital innovator, and reach digital-native audiences, leading the conversation around ending pet homelessness. We worked with them and the team at BBDO (New York) to create an immersive metaverse experience that unlocked NFT rewards in the form of metaverse wearables, upon engaging with the experience.


  • Strategy, Design, Development, UX & QA
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Pedigree Unleashes Virtual Fostering in Decentraland to Find Real Dogs Homes



Adoption in the metaverse

Mars and BBDO (New York) came to us looking to create a system to facilitate pet adoption in the metaverse, and design an immersive brand experience that is both innovative as it is memorable.

We had three main considerations: incentivize behaviour (pet adoption) via digital assets, create a simple web system that permits virtual fostering, craft an engaging metaverse experience that is on brand and rewards engagement.

pedigree all dogs
pedigree mockup animation


Gamify, incentivize & engage

With Pedigree Fosterverse, players could interact with virtual dogs to learn more about the campaign, donate to the Pedigree Foundation, explore adoption possibilities with adopt-a-pet, play mini-games, and share their experiences on social media to help spread the word about the program.

We created a truly immersive experience that allowed Decentraland land holders to foster virtual dogs on their land and be a part of the campaign, helping amplify the reach in exchange for a limited edition nft wearable.

pedigree get wearable
pedigree meet dog
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A multitude of ways to interact

Upon entering Fosterverse, users interacted with a custom dog NPC that explained the experience and its many interactions. Users were prompted to complete a quest or game, foster a virtual dog, adopt a real dog, and donate to the Pedigree Foundation.

We created a microsite that allowed Decentraland land owners to select from a variety of real-life dogs listed on Adopt a Pet™, and uploaded their corresponding 3D avatars onto their virtual property.

Interactive NPC dogs were spread across Decentraland, spreading the message about their backgrounds and adoption status as well as ways to support dogs in need across the country.

people interact
metaverse conversation


  • 40,000+ interactions recorded
  • 1,000+ Decentraland wearables claimed
  • 4+ min average time spent in experience
  • 30+ virtual foster dogs