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PATRÓN Tequila® Summer Made Sensational

A Tequila inspired journey into the metaverse with a gamified virtual bar-crawl and cocktails


Elevating Tequila through a cocktail-themed journey

PATRÓN Tequila set out to engage both existing and new tequila enthusiasts, establishing itself as a pioneering force within the digital realm.

Working closely with Buoy Studios and Vegas City, we developed a vibrant, immersive metaverse experience in Decentraland that rewarded participants with limited-edition wearables as they successfully completed cocktail quests.


  • Strategy, Creative Design, Production Development, Smart Contracts, Game Design, Analytics & Insights, QA
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Crafting a multi-venue metaverse experience

PATRÓN had the ambition to create an enticing metaverse experience, that not only showcased their quality tequila but also deepen their relationship with their consumers through a casual branded quest spanning three locations across Vegas City District in Decentraland.

We faced three major considerations: incentivize engagement through digital rewards, the creation of an immersive, cocktail-themed journey that was both fun and informative, and the seamless integration of the brand’s luxurious essence within a low-poly metaverse environment.

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Engage, reward & educate

In the PATRÓN pop-up series, visitors were guided through a journey of discovery, exploring three distinct locations each hosting a unique cocktail-themed quest.

In each of the three custom PATRÓN venues, the player had to complete a quest to earn a badge. At the end of the bar crawl, those who collected all badges received an exclusive PATRÓN wearable NFT.

Players had the opportunity to interact with virtual bartenders, learn how to craft the perfect paloma, play mini-games, collect badges, and earn rewards.

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patron wearable
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A fun way to engage

Upon entering the cocktail journey, users were welcomed by a custom NPC host that introduced them to the cocktail quest. Users were prompted to gather ingredients, mix cocktails, interact with a virtual bartender, and earn rewards.

We integrated real-life mixology into the virtual world, developing quests based on actual cocktail recipes. Successful completion of each quest rewarded the user with a limited edition wearable NFT.

Interactive bartenders were stationed throughout Decentraland, sharing expert knowledge on cocktail creation and the heritage of tequila, thus providing a rich, brand-centric experience.

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  • 8,000+ unique visitors
  • 12,000+ badges collected
  • 3,000+ Decentraland wearable claimed
  • 37+ min average time spent in the experience