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A unique virtual catwalk and shopping experience at the center of metaverse Fashion Week


Showcasing the future
of fashion in the metaverse

To mark the 2022 Decentraland metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), we aimed to create a new destination unconstrained from the laws of physics, and bring people together in a fun intimate virtual event.

Our goal was to create a state-of-the-art, immersive catwalk experience, presenting the world’s most innovative digital fashion and exhibiting the potential of live metaverse content.


  • Strategy, Design, Production Development, UX & QA

What to know about Decentraland’s metaverse Fashion Week.



Uniting the digital fashion community

Bringing to life a first of its kind catwalk experience that delights fashion enthusiasts from all over the globe, and coordinating with a multitude of brands like Perry Ellis, DRESSX, Cider, 8SIAN, The Rebels, Christine Massarany, Anrealage and more. Our approach was centered on innovation, pushing the envelope of what’s achievable within the metaverse.

Our challenge was threefold: to design a captivating metaverse venue, to collaborate effectively with a multitude of brands, and to create a virtual event that would bring together fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to connect, engage and most importantly have fun.


Innovate, inspire & delight

The Metaloop venue was purposefully designed, according to its main function: to showcase digital fashion in an avatar catwalk. The levitating structure presented a futuristic crystal donut with neon highlights that brought to life numerous runway shows in a circular loop that allowed for clear 360 visibility.

Over the course of the 3 day event, the venue served as a platform for both the fusion of music and fashion and a showcase of digital wearables that took the fashion experience to unprecedented levels.


A dynamic display of interactivity

The avatars came out of a portal and looped across the levitating runway, performing a series of ‘pose’ animations, featuring an ever changing rooster of digital outfits. Each brand had 30 minutes of time slot for their show.

Behind the show, an immersive virtual store selling digital fashion wearables and NFTs from the brands that sponsored and participated in the event.

And a hidden portal took guests to the Metaloop Skybar, greeted by an interactive NPC barman and an exclusive concert with Latin pop star Nicki Nicole.


  • 600+ attendees across three days
  • 5,000+ digital wearables claimed
  • 12+ brands showcased, reaching new global audiences
  • 11+ min average time spent in the experience