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Augmenting IRL events with personalization and phygital assets


Launching dancing shoes NFT experience with Bacardí

As part of its “Do What Moves You” platform, we helped Bacardí and BBDO (New York) devise a unique web3 experience for the Bacardí x Stadium Goods pop-up event series.


  • Strategy, Design, Production Development, UX & QA


The customization of digital assets in an interactive irl event

Serving as the campaign’s launch point, Bacardí and partner Stadium Goods hosted a series of invite-only pop-up events spanning New York and Amsterdam.

Our goal was to gift attendees of the event the Dancing Shoes NFT, made in collaboration with renowned streetwear designer Jeff Staple.

The digital assets were dropped to guests during the event and were made with an intentionally simplistic design so holders can add customizations by engaging with various elements found within the venue. Customizations were visualized in real-time via a mobile optimized microsite.

Guests who complete their NFT customization can then turn their design into a unique, physical pair of sneakers that will be delivered directly to them.


Reward, personalize & simplify

Our primary objective was to design a user flow that was intuitive, and frictionless, to allow anyone to participate, and ultimately onboard all guests to the interactive journey.

As guests signed up for the event in Eventbrite, a link to the mobile microsite was emailed to them with a set of simple steps to follow.

Additionally, a QR-code system for NFT airdrops was created for VIP guests that weren’t signed-up on Eventbrite, to allow for the same experience.

The NFTs created were soulbound (untransferable), to avoid any transactions ahead of the physical sneaker claim event.


Real-time visualization via mobile microsite

Our mobile optimized microsite allowed users to generate a wallet using simply email and password, or connect their existing one, interact with various QR codes hidden in the space, and render real-time visualization of all customizations done to the digital asset.

For each step of the experience, we created custom 3D animations based on the sneaker design from Jeff Staple, and the brand guidelines of Bacardí.

The result was a seamless interactive experience that surprised guests with exclusive brand content and personalized digital assets.


  • 600+ attendees across three days
  • 200+ digital assets claimed
  • 100+ personalized digital assets
  • 3+ min average time spent in the experience