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ACURA: Acuraverse

Redefining the future of virtual events & automobile e-commerce


Acura rewrites the script for automotive dealerships in the digital world

In celebration of Integra’s return to the Acura lineup, we were tasked to launch the brand’s first NFTs, with the opportunity available only to the first 500 customers who reserve their vehicle. As part of this campaign, we helped Acura become the first automaker to open a digital showroom in the metaverse.


  • Strategy, Design, Development, UX & QA


Transforming the automotive experience

Mullen & Lowe and Acura came to us to transform the traditional automotive experience. Our objective was to create an experience that put Acura’s craft, legacy and culture at the centre, and incentivize the car’s pre-orders via gamification and rewards.

By harnessing the power of NFTs and the metaverse, we wanted to create an interactive environment that would reward the audience and would generate excitement and buzz around the launch of the new 2023 Integra.

golden car


Experience, interact & reward

Participants could engage with the 2023 Integra in an interactive showroom, learn about all the new features in an interactive way, complete quests, play games and earn NFT wearables and badges as rewards.

Users could pre-order the integra from within the virtual experience, and receive an unrevealed NFT as proof of ownership. The NFTs created in collaboration with Andreas Wannerstedt provided a unique incentive for users, while driving excitement around the new Integra.


NFT revelation mechanisms and programmatic 3D loop animations

Using the unique VIN code of the purchased Integra, owners could reveal their unique NFT on the Acuraverse website, once they received their car.

This system prevented users who pre-ordered a car just to receive NFT, since a cancelation would result in no VIN number for revelation (IPFS update).

The NFT media was created with a proprietary kit-bashing algorithm that allowed us to generate thousands of unique 3D loop animations, incorporating different traits and rarity criteria.



  • 50,000+ NFT badges claimed in less than 48 hours
  • 4,000+ wearables claimed
  • 2023 Integra Pre-order NFTs claimed in 17 minutes
  • 400% increase on the reservation rate of a new generation Integra
  • 9+ min average time spent in the experience
  • Record-breaking unique visitors to Decentraland